Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spud Island

Once again, we made a last minute decision and crossed the Confederation Bridge to explore Prince Edward Island.

This is the world’s longest bridge over ice-covered water and is high enough to allow sea-going vessels to pass underneath.  The 8 mile long bridge was finished in 1996 and is expected to last for 100 years.

For more information about this bridge and a live real-time cam view, go to

Prince Edward Island(PEI) is very agricultural, with potatoes by far the principal crop.

Alfalfa and wheat are also important crops on this gently rolling, relatively flat island.

 We have come to learn that often-times the best food can be found at road-side stands in the harbors and Meme’s at Seacow Pond is no exception.

 These lobster sandwiches are piled high with fresh lobster—no fillers—just the real thing.  They are delicious and would be hard to beat.

            Our destination for the day is the wind farm and lighthouse at north Cape.

The energy center is a research center for the development of special technology to harness wind power.

                            Different shapes and sizes of blades are monitored.

The lighthouse warns mariners of the longest natural rock reef in North America.

                                             At low tide one can walk out to it.

                It is covered by gulls and Black Guillemots and is surrounded by seals.

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