Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burin Peninsula

With a few days to spare before the Brigus Blueberry Festival, we headed down the Burin Peninsula to explore.  This is a land of rolling barrens--

                                                          --peaceful shorelines-

                                                   --heritage architecture--

                                            -and quiet fishing villages and outports.

We got a distant view of France.  The islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon lie just off shore.

              We were told to stop for lunch in the lovely town of Burin.

                     The view from the By D’ Rock Cafe was excellent.

 We had Toutons and fish cakes, a local favorite, and found them very tasty.

The Bakeapple Festival in the town of Garnish was a highlight of the trip for us.

Local Newfoundland music and socializing with real Newfoundlanders is always a highlight. 

                                Festivals are a big summer event all over Newfoundland.

  This is a traditional “Jiggs Dinner” and was the best one we had on the trip.

                                 The desserts were all Bakeapple and all were good.

We had a great time meeting people and, in typical Newfoundland fashion, were given Bakeapples to take home with us.

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