Saturday, July 23, 2011

Root Cellars and Puffins

The town of Elliston is known as “The Root Cellar Capitol of the World”. 

                   It has 134 documented root cellars, some dating back to the 1830’s.

More than 40 of these have been restored to optimum storage condition.

The nearby Atlantic Puffin nesting site is probably one of the most accessible places in Newfoundland to view the Atlantic Puffin.

                           They are friendly and, although wary, came very close to us.

                          This site is home to more than 400 breeding pairs of Puffins.

                        It is also home to a few breeding pairs of Black Guillemots

And a few breeding pairs of the ever-present gulls

                                   We found one more nice church in the town of Trinity.

With so many beautiful coastal camping sites it was hard to decide where to stay tonight , but this is the spot.

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