Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One More Day in St. Anthony

 Further exploring St. Anthony today took us to the fish processing plant where we stuffed our freezer with fresh–frozen shrimp.

 As we passed through the harbor, we came upon these fishermen repairing their nets.

 Later we watched this boat being unloaded of it’s cargo of iceburg ice.

This was taken to the nearby bottling plant, where we were given fresh bottles of iceburg ice.

 We stopped at the Dr. Grenfell information center.  Dr. Grenfell was one of the earliest pioneers to bring medical care to the fishermen who first seasonally lived in Labrador and northern Newfoundland, and later to the communities which developed there and also to the local Indian communities. 

Fresh out of medical school, he first arrived on a medical ship from England and stayed to establish things like orphanages and co-ops as well and developed a huge medical and social network, which is still in operation today.

                                   Many original artifacts of his and others are on display.

Today, many modern hospitals and remote clinics attribute their beginning to him.

                                    We ended the day at the Great Viking Feast.

                      It is held in the only sod-covered restaurant in North America.

 We sat next to two lovely wildlife biology graduate students who are researching caribou habitat.  What an interesting story they have to tell!

Judy was called to the front to present a complaint she had to the Viking Court.  Her problem is that I keep her awake at night with my snoring.

I was given an opportunity to defend myself, but to no avail, as I was found to be guilty and punishment was to consist of having my mouth taped shut with a grey, sticky tape.

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