Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shrimp boats are a Commin'

A short driving day brought us to Palacios,Texas, where we made our usual stop to buy fresh shrimp from the fleet, the fourth largest on the Texas coast. These shrimp have their heads removed and are quick-frozen on the boats out at sea within fifteen minutes of being caught.

We bought twenty pounds to take home to the relatives we will soon be visiting. The shrimping season begins in earnest next month and the harbor was noisy with the sounds of boats being readied for opening day.

 The catch now is mostly oysters, being unloaded in large sacks right into the warehouse.

A late lunch of oyster Po Boys and Cajun shrimp gumbo complemented the theme of the day. Dinner was ham and cheese sandwiches in the camper. We spent the night at a Passport America park, where we can stay at half price. We are having perfect weather here but are watching reports as we head Northeast toward Indiana as softball size hail fell North of here yesterday and there is severe flooding along the Mississippi River to our East. The weather will be colder as we head North, so we are taking our time, enjoying the sunshine and finishing a few projects on the camper.

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